Gentle Words For Russia Girls

For some reason, is considered a sign of weakness (among men, of course) to give gentle words, thanks for the Russian woman received her with joy because of what a woman feels humiliated, used, like a thing. She was sorry if he does not even attempt to show that it appreciates the desire to please him. Is it possible to behave with a woman after the act as though you’ve just met her? There are few things in this world that would hurt a woman more than the behavior of men sliding down with her after he had finished, and then falling asleep.

No matter how we tried to overcome inherent in the Russian sexy girl from his childhood guilt of it still remains a trace, even in the freest of us. And when a man treats us like a pair of dirty socks that you can discard and do not pay them more attention, all our senses are enhanced, and we begin to think that, perhaps, our mother was right: after all, sex – dirty and bad thing. It must be true, if it ends so rude and indifferent. No matter how well passed act of love, everything can be ruined at one time, if a man starts snoring 30 seconds after it ends. Yes, you are tired, weak, happy and willing to sleep with you is really great. No one denies. And yet there is no doubt that you can stand up against God of sleep Morpheus for some few minutes in time to express his feelings a little lady, and say those sweet words, which she hoped to hear.

There is no woman in the world that does not have imagined myself a better lover, who just might be the man and his sweet words confirm this. After the act she is happy to experience pleasure, but even more she is happy and proud that gave you pleasure. And if you by their actions (or lack thereof) did not show a woman, whether you like it or not, she will have no choice but to lie down and feel the last whore, hating you, and myself, thinking it worth while to do it all.

Much is not required, most women are satisfied with very little. Gently holding her in his arms, raining kisses on the face with light, telling her sweet words, how beautiful she is, how well it can make a woman melt completely in love. Here, beside you have someone to share with you their most intimate experiences that can only be between people, so how can you be so indifferent and treat a woman with whom to mate a minute ago, as a very strange person? !

Tender and sweet words are not the only way to prove the woman that you can be still charming. A good lover is attentive to the wishes of his other ladies. I do not know anyone who would not want to quench your thirst after a hot lovemaking, just the way will be a glass of cold water or wine, presented sexually satisfied Russsian woman, her lover, who continues to care for her even after the act. You too tomishsya thirst, too exhausted, but the rest, as if stricken with paralysis, and beg for drink of water – this is not the best thing you can do. Another simple but very effective gesture of gratitude – is to bring to the bedside of a warm towel and carefully wipe off the marks sheet of love battle.

Many men do not know how important it is to say those sweet words a woman after sex. Caring for a woman – an art that requires not only an active brain and physical activity, instagram foto cewek seksi but primarily boundless imagination.

When you are the reason for her the greatest of pleasures, its most natural impulse is a deep appreciation and desire to express it. It is in such moments, a woman becomes a soft, sentimental, and in a burst of feeling might say, “I love you.” But do not take this seriously. So do not panic if your girlfriend exaggerated reaction after receiving a deep satisfaction. She just wanted to thank you, saying those sweet words, but her gratitude is mixed with all other senses, and she is not sure, but feels that it is good.

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