Life and Health

Health and Life

Helping Individuals and Families Stay Well

Our goal is to help every customer to find affordable health insurance that fits their needs and budget. Finding the plan at a lower cost isn’t always the best solution. Finding quality medical insurance at a competitive price is.

We’ve got a variety of plans with options to help better fit you and your needs:

  • Family or individual health insurance
  • Whole Life or Term Life insurance
  • Disability insurance, Long-term Care
Protection for specific needs-Term Life Insurance

Covers temporary or short-term needs, and less costly than permanent insurance. A term Life Policy has no “cash value” and the death benefit is the face amount of the policy. It is designed to be used for only a specific period of time.

Protection for a Lifetime-Permanent Life Insurance

Provides coverage for the insured’s entire lifetime and is used to cover long-term needs. It is most often used to provide funds for survivor income, to maximize pension benefits, or for estate planning.

Whole Life

You could call fixed life insurance since the death benefit and premiums are fixed throughout the life of the policy. Guaranteed cash values are invested by the insurance company.

Universal Life

Universal Life offers policy owners more flexibility. Policy owners can increase or decrease their death benefit and premiums as their needs change.

Variable Universal Life

VUL offers the most in terms of flexibility, control and earning potential, but the least in guarantees and security. Policy owners control how their cash value is invested through their choice of investment options or fixed accounts.